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The Nintendo Switch is a video game console developed by Nintendo and released on March 3, 2017. It is a hybrid console that can be used as both a home console and a portable device.

ROM extraction

To extract files from a ROM, hactool can be used. Windows users can use HACToolGUI if they prefer having a user interface.


In order to extract files from commercial ROMs using hactool, keys are required for decryption. For legal reasons, they will not be listed on this page, but they can be found by entering search queries online such as "nintendo switch keys list" or by dumping keys from your own Nintendo Switch using Lockpick. It may be impossible to rip from games that use newer decryption keys than your list includes using this method.

hactool examples

Extracting files from NCA:

./hactool -x file.nca -k keys.txt --romfsdir=outDirectory

Other methods for ripping

Some capture cards allow for lossless image and audio capture.

Image capture

Ensure your Switch capture card and capture software are set to the "Full" RGB range with a resolution of 1920×1080.

Audio capture

Ensure your operating system's recording volume is set to 100% and that you are recording at 16-bit 48kHz. Set the Switch's output mode to stereo.

Ripping Tools


A tool that can extract content from Switch ROMs, including a game's HOME menu icon(s).

Suggested Emulators

Please note that both emulators are at an early stage of progress as in that they boot up games and a few games get past the title screen but don't except the games to be fully completable or completely playable without glitches.



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