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Atari Lynx is a handheld made by Epyx for Atari in 1989. It was the first handheld with a color LCD, featured scaling and rotation and was deliberately made to be used right- or left-handed. Even though the handheld did not sell well when compared to the Game Boy, it developed a cult following due to its capabilities and its library.

Ripping Notes

No current tile viewer can read from Atari Lynx games. Currently all sprite rips on tSR are captured and some games have problems capturing such as Batman Returns due to the sprite uses black on a black background.

Suggested Emulators

None of these emulators offer any sprite ripping tools. Only thing you can do is pause the game and print screen.


Mednafen uses Handy as a base for its Lynx emulation.


Handy is the most well known Atari Lynx emulator. It is also the codename for the Lynx.