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The Pico was an educational toy made by Sega. Since it ran on Genesis hardware with the PSG soundchip, Genesis emulators can technically boot up the games; however, the controls do not work as the touch pen, buttons and page flipping are not emulated. This means if you have a save state from Kega Fusion, you can use GensKMod to rip sprites via the VDP.

Suggested Emulators

Kega Fusion

Kega Fusion along with the other Sega systems also emulates the Pico but does not support the scans for the programs. It has not been updated in years making it harder to run on modern computers that run on Windows 10 as well as features that no longer work such as the MSN Messenger display.


PicoDrive was the first emulator that could emulate the system ans also supports scans however the emulator had a different focus rather focusing on Genesis emulation for low spec mobiles.