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ColecoVision is the second game console created by Coleco in the wake of the rivalry between the Atari 2600 and the Intellivision, and as a result outclasses both machines in hardware capabilities. Its hardware is similar to the SG-1000 and the original MSX. The ColecoVision is most notable for it's hardware add-ons that can allow the user to play Atari 2600 or Adam Computer games.


Recommended Emulators


While labeled as an MSX emulator, the emulator contains full compatibility for ColecoVision ROMs- though it lacks features present in most other emulators apart from savestates and pausing.


Despite being created to emulate Sega's 8 bit consoles, ColecoVision games are for the most part 100% compatible with MEKA, even being able to utilize the debugging tools such as layer removal and graphics viewer.