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The Nintendo 3DS is a handheld console created by Nintendo in 2011.

As the successor to the Nintendo DS, the console features two screens, with the bottom having touch controls. The console boasts a better set of specifications to its predecessor, but also allows for 3D vision without glasses on the top screen.

Ripping Tools

3DS Tools

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  • RAM Dumping
  • CTR sddecrypt
  • 3DS Homemenu ExtdataTool
  • Extdata dump
  • FCRamDump
  • 3DS Ram Dumper
  • Gateway 3DS ROM Dumper (makes bad dumps?)
  • Various custom firmware that allow for game RAM modification and lossless screenshot taking
  • Braindump userland romfs/exefs dumping

PC/3DS Tools

  • 3DS Multi Decryptor

PC Tools

  • 3DSkit
  • 3DS Icon Decrypter
  • 3DS To CIA Converter
  • bch2obj
  • cgfx2obj
  • cfgxViewer
  • ctpktool
  • Debanner
  • Every File Explorer
  • fmt_cgfx
  • Level5 3DS Archive tool
  • lsdt
  • N3DS Cmb Viewer
  • Ohana3DS Rebirth
  • OhanaXY
  • SmashPACK
  • texturipper
  • xfsa
  • 3DS Explorer (aka 3DSExplorer)
  • 3DS Lazy
  • CTR (Crappy Tiny Reader)
  • DTLSExtractor
  • Sm4shCommand

Physical Tools

  • Various capture cards that allow lossless video and screenshot taking, with the assistance of a PC.

Common File Formats

  • .CGFX - Model/Animation data
  • .BCH - Model/Animation data
  • .BCLIM - Texture/Sprite data
  • .CTPK - Texture/Sprite data
  • .BCFNT - Font data
  • .MSBT - Game text data

Suggested Emulators


Citra is an open source emulator taking cues from Dolphin in terms of presentation and support. It runs many 3DS games and can even play games that support local wifi but the emulator is still WIP with many known games not working yet. It requires a very powerful computer that has a 64 bit processor to run with some games requiring higher requirements than others.