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The Game Master (also known as the Systema 2000, Super Game, and Game Tronic) is a handheld created by the German electronic company Hartung in the year 1990 to compete with Nintendo's Game Boy. The company Systema branded the Game Master under the name "Systema 2000" in the United Kingdom and went under the name "Super Game" in France.

Unlike the other Game Boy clones that were made, the screen on the unit is a 64x64 LCD screen that can only display 2 monochrome colors on it.

The Game Master (like most other Game Boy clones that were released) didn't sell as well compared to the Game Boy. The console itself had a total of 18 games officially released for it, though it is unknown what games are exclusive to what region.

Recommended Emulators


The only emulator available that will run Game Master games on the web. However the emulator itself has issues with sound and the screen size is incredibly stretched out and hard to see.