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SG-1000 is Sega's first console made in 1983 and was released on the same day as the Famicom. As a result, the console was not very successful due to lack of 3rd party support however sold better than Sega's low expectations due to a faulty batch of Famicom consoles early in its life. Despite using hardware close to the ColecoVision to the point where a clone system called the Dina 2 in 1 exists, games from both are not compatible with each other. There are also some similarities to the MSX as well since the SG-1000 also received some unofficial ports, some requiring a RAM adaptor.

There is also a home computer version of the console called the SC-3000 that was more successful and was even released in Oceania.


Recommended Emulators


MEKA emulates the Master System and its handheld counterpart, the Game Gear as well as support for the SG-1000 and the ColecoVision. The SG-1000 runs with its correct palette. The tile viewer seems to be buggy on the SG-1000 mode since it supports one colour and not as easy to use, capturing and layer removal are supported. It does not seem to recognise the SC-3000 keyboard affecting games such as Championship Lode Runner where you could make and save your own levels.


Emulicious is a Master System, Game Gear and a Game Boy emulator that runs on Java (however it doesn't require it to be installed since there is an optional version with the binaries included). Technically it can run SG-1000 games since the Master System itself supported the games as well as a few Master System games that ran on SG-1000 mode. The difference between the two is that Emulicious uses the backwards compatibility from the Master System rather than native so the palette is different and darker. The tile viewer does not work on SG-1000 mode. The RAM adaptor used on the MSX ports is not supported.