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The TurboGrafx-16 is a console created by NEC. In Japan, it was known as PC Engine. While it enjoyed a relative success in it's homeland, it was ignored in the US due to bad marketing and was not properly released in Europe. It later received a CD-ROM expansion, an upgraded model supporting both cards and CDs as well as a handheld version of the console.

There was also an upgraded model called the SuperGrafx in Japan where it had 5 exclusive games but could not run CD games.

Ripping Tools


For more details on this program, please visit the Mednafen page.


All info about this program can be seen here.

Suggested Emulators


Actually a multiplatform emulator, and probably the best choice for emulating the TurboGrafx-16. A command-line program, it supports both Hu-Card and CD games, as well as games which use the Arcade Card expansion.

Turbo Engine

A better choice if you don't like to tinker with command-line programs. It still doesn't support the Arcade Card expansion, however.