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The Philips CD-i is an entertainment system made by electronics/health care company Philips in 1991. More known for some licensed games that had Nintendo characters used in memes than anything these days.

Why entertainment system rather than console? It was because it was not originally designed as a console or even to play games but rather as a general multimedia package that can run educational software, play music and video CDs (with a Digital Media Card, also required for a few games that used FMV). More or less a video player that was made to compete with computers. The CD-i was a failure to the point of losing money and Philips pulled out of both the gaming industry and multimedia to focus on TVs (no longer though since they sold that division) and health care products afterwards.

Suggested Emulators

Emulation on the CD-i is still in early progress. While games such as Hotel Mario and the two Zelda side scrolling games work, many of its library however do not especially the Digital Media Card games.


MAME runs the CD-i and some games work but however has problems in terms of progress so don't except much more progress for a while.