WarioWare: Get It Together!

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Box Art

WarioWare: Get It Together!

Developer: Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch

WarioWare: Get It Together! is a party game that was developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. It was released worldwide for the Nintendo Switch on September 10, 2021. It is the tenth installment in the WarioWare series.

File Formats

  • .fmdb (.bfres) - Model format
  • .bntx - Image archive
  • .lyt - Image & layout archive
  • .bfsar - Audio archive
  • .fskb - Animation file
  • .bffnt - Font file
  • .mp4 - Movie file
  • .webm - Movie file
  • .bea - Compression format

Ripping Tools

Internal File Names


Name File Name
5-Volt CharaFivewatt.nx.bea
9-Volt CharaNinevolt.nx.bea
18-Volt CharaEighteenvolt.nx.bea
Ana CharaAna.nx.bea
Ashley CharaAshley.nx.bea
Dr. Crygor CharaCrygor.nx.bea
Dribble CharaDribble.nx.bea
Game Bug CharaVirus.nx.bea
Jimmy T. CharaJimmy.nx.bea
Kat CharaKat.nx.bea
Lulu CharaLulu.nx.bea
Master Mantis CharaMantis.nx.bea
Mega Bug CharaVirusBoss.nx.bea
Mike CharaMike.nx.bea
Mona CharaMona.nx.bea
Orbulon CharaOrbulon.nx.bea
Penny CharaPenny.nx.bea
Pyoro CharaPyoro.nx.bea
Red CharaRed.nx.bea
Spitz CharaSpitz.nx.bea
Wario CharaWario.nx.bea
Young Cricket CharaCricket.nx.bea


Name File Name
A Big Fan Petit~Fan.nx.bea
A Call to Fall Petit~Poster.nx.bea
A Moving Experience Petit~Handcar.nx.bea
A Weighty Matter Petit~Scale.nx.bea
Alien Trap Petit~Catch.nx.bea
Alphabet Fruit Petit~Tanuki.nx.bea
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Petit~Animal.nx.bea
Answer Me! Petit~Who.nx.bea
Appealing Mask Petit~Pack.nx.bea
Apple Drop Petit~Apple.nx.bea
Archery Assist Petit~Archery.nx.bea
Bad Vegetables Petit~Step.nx.bea
Balance the Scales Petit~Balance.nx.bea
Bamboo Falls Petit~Bamboo.nx.bea
Bare Banana Petit~Banana.nx.bea
Bare Necessities Petit~Naked.nx.bea
Baseball Break-In Petit~Racket.nx.bea
Basically Water Polo Petit~Polo.nx.bea
Basket and Ball Petit~Basket.nx.bea
Big Brain Academy Petit~Head.nx.bea
Blended? Spelendid! Petit~Mixer.nx.bea
Block Puzzle Petit~Block.nx.bea
Blow Your Horn Petit~Horn.nx.bea
Break the Bank Petit~Pig.nx.bea
Break the Ice Petit~Bear.nx.bea
Bottle Ball Petit~Drop.nx.bea
Bounce Back Petit~Lifting.nx.bea
Boxed Up Petit~Escape.nx.bea
Boxing Cowards Petit~Avoidance.nx.bea
Bubble Count Petit~Count.nx.bea
Bug Out Petit~Wall.nx.bea
Burst Your Bottle Petit~Bottle.nx.bea
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Petit~Toad.nx.bea
Cauton: Slippery Petit~Slip.nx.bea
Cheeky Beaker Petit~Beaker.nx.bea
Chompy Chirpers Petit~Chick.nx.bea
Choo-Choo Choose Petit~Train.nx.bea
Circuit of Life Petit~Circuit.nx.bea
Cloudy with a Chance of Sun Petit~Sunshine.nx.bea
Collision Course Petit~Tanker.nx.bea
Corn Cleaner Petit~Corn.nx.bea
Crash Course Petit~Crane.nx.bea
Crayfish Crash Petit~Crayfish.nx.bea
Defend the Flowers Petit~Hockey.nx.bea
Dessert Defender Petit~Snack.nx.bea
Destiny Game Petit~Destiny.nx.bea
Devil World Petit~Devil.nx.bea
Dig It Petit~Dig.nx.bea
Do Feed the Giraffe Petit~Giraffe.nx.bea
Doggone Thirsty Petit~Thirsty.nx.bea
Donkey Kong Country Returns Petit~Barrel.nx.bea
Don't Waste the Paste Petit~Tube.nx.bea
Dragon's Reign Petit~Crown.nx.bea
Drop Zone Petit~Droppings.nx.bea
Egg It On Petit~Egg.nx.bea
Ele-Conga & Autoplayer Petit~Conga.nx.bea
Eye Exam Petit~Vision.nx.bea
Face Wash Petit~Face.nx.bea
Factory Tour Petit~Conveyer.nx.bea
Fall for You Petit~Down.nx.bea
Family Reunion Petit~Duck.nx.bea
Feast Your Eyes on This Petit~Shuffle.nx.bea
Fire Emblem: Three Houses Petit~Talk.nx.bea
Fire Works Petit~Fireworks.nx.bea
Fishy Felines Petit~Angel.nx.bea
Flammable Goods Petit~Fire.nx.bea
Flee the Flashlight Petit~Sleep.nx.bea
Fluff It Out Petit~Fluff.nx.bea
Foggy Glasses Petit~Glasses.nx.bea
Garbage Day Petit~Bag.nx.bea
Garden Secrets Petit~Garden.nx.bea
Garlic Catch Petit~Garlic.nx.bea
Game & Watch Judge Petit~Judge.nx.bea
Get Away, Ghost! Petit~Behind.nx.bea
Get Swole Petit~Training.nx.bea
Gifted Petit~Ribbon.nx.bea
Gimme Five Petit~Touch.nx.bea
Gold Digger Petit~Nose.nx.bea
Gondola Lift Petit~Ropeway.nx.bea
Good Times Petit~Clock.nx.bea
Great Escape Petit~Building.nx.bea
Gymn-assist Petit~Kickover.nx.bea
Hidden Holidays Petit~Signboard.nx.bea
Hide-and-Go-Ninja Petit~Ninja.nx.bea
Hide-and-Seek Petit~Nursery.nx.bea
Hit the Switch Petit~Dark.nx.bea
Hosting Hustle Petit~Wait.nx.bea
Hot-Air Heroics Petit~Blimp.nx.bea
Hot Hoops Petit~Circus.nx.bea
Hot Spot Petit~Spot.nx.bea
Ice-Cream Lean Petit~Icecream.nx.bea
Ice Climbers Petit~Climber.nx.bea
Inside the Storm Petit~Storm.nx.bea
Is Anyone Home? Petit~Intercom.nx.bea
Keeping Track Petit~Check.nx.bea
Kitty Business Petit~Cat.nx.bea
Land in the Sand Petit~Sand.nx.bea
Laser Labyrinth Petit~Beam.nx.bea
Light the Cake Petit~Cake.nx.bea
Like It or Leave It Petit~Like.nx.bea
Look Both Ways Petit~Buffalo.nx.bea
Luigi's Mansion Petit~Ghost.nx.bea
Magic Trickery Petit~Box.nx.bea
Manic Mechanic Petit~Docking.nx.bea
Manneken Pis Petit~Kids.nx.bea
Matching Masks Petit~Mask.nx.bea
Matchy Matryoshka Petit~Matryoshka.nx.bea
Mean Magic Petit~Magic.nx.bea
Mermaid Tears Petit~Tear.nx.bea
Missing Remote Petit~Slot.nx.bea
Mole in One Petit~Golf.nx.bea
Monochrome Creatures Petit~Monochrome.nx.bea
Mouths to Feed Petit~Alms.nx.bea
Muscle Out Petit~Domino.nx.bea
Music Mischief Petit~Noise.nx.bea
Mushroom Doom Petit~Buster.nx.bea
Mystifying Mirror Petit~Mirror.nx.bea
Nail the Nail Petit~Diy.nx.bea
New Super Mario Bros. U Petit~Fuzzy.nx.bea
Nightmare Fuel Petit~Nightmare.nx.bea
Nintendo Badge Arcade Petit~Badge.nx.bea
Note-Able Art Petit~Animation.nx.bea
Ocean Hero Petit~Dust.nx.bea
Peekaboo Petit~Peep.nx.bea
Perfect Percussion Petit~Percussion.nx.bea
Peril-Chute Petit~Skydiving.nx.bea
Piggy Pluck Petit~Frypan.nx.bea
Pikmin 2 Petit~Flower.nx.bea
Pipe Maze Petit~Pipe.nx.bea
Pit Stop Petit~Poseidon.nx.bea
Please Reef-Cycle Petit~Scuba.nx.bea
Pop-Up Patrol Petit~Popup.nx.bea
Pop Goes the Party Petit~Cracker.nx.bea
Pump It Up Petit~Balloon.nx.bea
Pushed to the Edge Petit~Push.nx.bea
Ready, Set, Warp! Petit~Warp.nx.bea
Ready to Launch Petit~Cockpit.nx.bea
Reel 'em In Petit~Fishing.nx.bea
Ro-sham-bo Petit~Janken.nx.bea
Rock-a-Bye Petit~Cradle.nx.bea
Rock Candy Petit~Candy.nx.bea
Rock On! Petit~Guitar.nx.bea
Rocket Rush Petit~Rocket.nx.bea
Roll Cake Petit~Roll.nx.bea
Roll Call Petit~Dangomushi.nx.bea
Same but Different Petit~Same.nx.bea
Sand-Trap Scoop Petit~Bunker.nx.bea
Sanitation Station Petit~Wash.nx.bea
Sayonara, Snakes Petit~Raven.nx.bea
Seeing Stars Petit~Constellation.nx.bea
Seesaw Space Race Petit~Moon.nx.bea
Shadow Sports Petit~What.nx.bea
Shoo, Fly! Petit~Fly.nx.bea
Shot Blocker Petit~Shoot.nx.bea
Shutter Speed Petit~Shutter.nx.bea
Slathered in Ketchup Petit~Pasta.nx.bea
Sleep Clinic Petit~Hypnosis.nx.bea
Slime Time Petit~Slime.nx.bea
Snowman Assembly Petit~Snowman.nx.bea
So Kneady Petit~Pizza.nx.bea
Sort It Out Petit~Separation.nx.bea
Splatoon 2 Petit~Ink.nx.bea
Spoke Too Soon Petit~Bike.nx.bea
Spotlight Petit~Spotlight.nx.bea
Star Light Petit~Xmas.nx.bea
Stick to It Petit~Chameleon.nx.bea
Stop, Thief! Petit~Snatch.nx.bea
Stop the Stopper Petit~Stopper.nx.bea
Stove Slider Petit~Stove.nx.bea
Strike Gold Petit~Gold.nx.bea
Stroke of Genius Petit~Swimming.nx.bea
Super Mario Bros. Petit~Koopa.nx.bea
Super Mario Land Petit~Hatena.nx.bea
Super Metroid Petit~Morph.nx.bea
Swing and a Kiss Petit~Swing.nx.bea
Swordplay Petit~Restraint.nx.bea
Take a Seat Petit~Dinner.nx.bea
Tempest in a Teapot Petit~Tea.nx.bea
The Cleaners Petit~Cleaner.nx.bea
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Petit~Stasis.nx.bea
The Power of Magnets! Petit~Magnet.nx.bea
The Tooth Hurts Petit~Tooth.nx.bea
The Vampire Arose Petit~Curtain.nx.bea
The Waiter Awaits Petit~Feast.nx.bea
There's a Monster Behind You! Petit~Rock.nx.bea
Treasure Hunt Petit~Treasure.nx.bea
Tummy Trouble Petit~Maze.nx.bea
Turtle Tipper Petit~Turtle.nx.bea
UFBs Petit~Invader.nx.bea
Umbrella Brothers Petit~Safety.nx.bea
Unlock Me Petit~Number.nx.bea
Veggie Out! Petit~Pool.nx.bea
Virus Buster Petit~Virus.nx.bea
Wanted Petit~Wanted.nx.bea
WarioWare Petit~Set.nx.bea
WarioWare: Twisted! Petit~Mawaru.nx.bea
Water You Waiting For? Petit~Watering
Wayward Cyborg Petit~Jump.nx.bea
Wayward Water Petit~Drain.nx.bea
Web Surfer Petit~Spider.nx.bea
Wedding Bells Petit~Wedding
Weird Windmill Petit~Windmill.nx.bea
Where Goes the Nose? Petit~Nose2.nx.bea
What a Haul! Petit~Carry.nx.bea
Wheel You or Won't You Petit~Wheel.nx.bea
Wiggle Dancing Petit~Dance.nx.bea
Wind-Up Pup Petit~Spring.nx.bea
Witch! Which? Petit~Shadow.nx.bea
Wobble Boxing Petit~Punch.nx.bea
Yoga Man Petit~Yoga.nx.bea
Yoshi's Story Petit~Yoshi.nx.bea
You Can Lead a Robot to Water... Petit~Scrap.nx.bea

Boss Microgames

Name File Name
Delivery Center Boss~BossDelivery.nx.bea
Drawbridge Dilemma Boss~BossBridge.nx.bea
Great Juice Boss~BossGrape.nx.bea
Poseidon Boss~BossShip.nx.bea
Potty Pursuit Boss~BossChase.nx.bea
Ride the Line Boss~BossRobot.nx.bea
Rock Climber Boss~BossBouldering.nx.bea
Safari Tour Boss~BossSafari.nx.bea
Spiky Wario Boss~BossRush.nx.bea
Super Mario World Boss~BossWorld.nx.bea


Name File Name
Ring Petit~Common.nx.bea

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