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The Game Boy Advance is a handheld game console created by Nintendo and released in 2001. It is often described as a portable SNES due to its many ports.

Ripping Tools

NLZ-GBA Advance

NLZ-GBA Advance can view uncompressed sprites and compressed sprites that uses LZ77 compression. Sprites can be saved as a bitmap.

The downside to this tool is that it is very crash prone and can only decompress one form of compression, so not every compressed game supports this. Also at one point, importing a palette was considered however the options are grayed out meaning that you have to know the manual palette offset.

Suggested Emulators


mGBA is a GBA emulator that is considered fast and accurate. It includes a sprite viewer, tile viewer, map viewer, palette viewer, memory viewer and can disable layers. Sprites, tiles, maps and palettes can also be exported, palettes can also be used with YY-CHR for ROM ripping. It can also run Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.

mGBA also supports some GBA games that use features and addons such as the Solar Sensor for the Boktai games or BattleChip Gate for the later Mega Man Battle Network games as well as able to connect to Dolphin for games that support GameCube to GBA connectivity such as Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures.


VBA-M is an updated version of Visual Boy Advance and useful for sprite rippers, due to its vast amount of features such as tile viewing, hex viewer, layer disabling and more. This also makes a good emulator for Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.

(todo: explain how to use it to rip sprites using the menus and disabling layers. link to animget for layer disable tutorial.)

In the past Visual Boy Advance is recommended however it is discovered that there is a vulnerability that could affect your computer with malware if cheats are used so be careful if you use the emulator.


BizHawk uses an older version of mGBA as its core.

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