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Bizhawk is a powerful multi-platform emulator which focuses on core accuracy while being easy to use. It is used for tool assisted speedruns (TAS). As for recent times however it only supports computers that use x64 (64 bit) rather x86 (32 bit) and from Windows 7 and up, this was due to the Sega Saturn emulation based off Mednafen. There are older versions if your computer is 32 bit though.

While some of it such as the NES core is original work, many consoles however use altered versions of other emulators such as SNES (bsnes), Game Boy (Gambette, Same Boy), GBA (mGBA), PlayStation/Saturn (Mednafen), Genesis (Genesis Plus GX) that might vary when compared to the originals in terms of accuracy or game compatibility.

Currently supported systems

+ = includes sprite/tile or background viewer.

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