Smuggler's Run (GBA)

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Smuggler's Run

Developer: Rebellion
Publisher: Destination Software
Platform: Game Boy Advance

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Smuggler's Run is a mission based racing game that was developed by Rebellion and published by Destination Software. It was first released for Game Boy Advance on September 25, 2002.

Sprite Offsets

The following are the hexadecimal offsets of various sprites found in the game:

Playable Characters

Vehicle Hex Offsets (US) Hex Offsets (EUR)
Buggy 0x1355E0 0x14CA98
Military Vehicle 0x1B31C0 0x1B2678
Trophy Truck 0x1FB380 0x202838
UFO 0x28B400 0x2928B8


Vehicle Hex Offsets (US) Hex Offsets (EUR)
Buggy 0x15560 0x1CA18
Military Vehicle 0x5D580 0x64A38
Enemy 3 (Van?) 0xA55A0 0xACA58
Trophy Truck 0xED5C0 0xF4A78


Type Hex Offsets (USA) Hex Offsets (EUR)
Tires 0x2A3480 0x2AA938

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