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The Nintendo 3DS is a handheld console created by Nintendo in 2011.

As the successor to the Nintendo DS, the console features two screens, with the bottom having touch controls. The console boasts a better set of specifications to its predecessor, but also allows for 3D vision without glasses on the top screen.

Ripping Tools

3DS Tools

(todo: sort some of these to individual game pages, or something, maybe)

  • RAM Dumping
  • CTR sddecrypt
  • 3DS Homemenu ExtdataTool
  • Extdata dump
  • FCRamDump
  • 3DS Ram Dumper
  • Gateway 3DS ROM Dumper (makes bad dumps?)
  • Various custom firmware that allow for game RAM modification and lossless screenshot taking
  • Braindump userland romfs/exefs dumping

PC/3DS Tools

  • 3DS Multi Decryptor

PC Tools

  • 3DS Icon Decrypter
  • 3DS To CIA Converter
  • bch2obj
  • cgfx2obj
  • cfgxViewer
  • ctpktool
  • Debanner
  • Every File Explorer
  • fmt_cgfx
  • Level5 3DS Archive tool
  • lsdt
  • N3DS Cmb Viewer
  • Ohana3DS Rebirth
  • OhanaXY
  • SmashPACK
  • texturipper
  • xfsa
  • 3DS Explorer (aka 3DSExplorer)
  • 3DS Lazy
  • CTR (Crappy Tiny Reader)
  • DTLSExtractor
  • Sm4shCommand

Physical Tools

  • Various capture cards that allow lossless video and screenshot taking, with the assistance of a PC.

Common File Formats

  • .CGFX - Model/Animation data
  • .BCH - Model/Animation data
  • .BCLIM - Texture/Sprite data
  • .BCFNT - Font data

Suggested Emulators

None of these can play play commercial games perfectly yet.

  • Citra
  • 3dmoo
  • TronDS

Currently, there are no perfected emulators that can play 3DS just yet.