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CGFX (also known as BCMDL and BCRES) is a container format for the Nintendo 3DS that is used to store data for models, textures, animations, and camera data.

Ripping Tools

There are multiple tools available for the CGFX format that are able to view and export them into a more common file format.

Ohana3DS Rebirth

Ohana3DS can view model, animation, and texture data from CGFX files which can be exported into a more common format like OBJ, DAE, or SMD (Models) and PNG (Textures).


SPICA can view model, animation, texture, and camera data from CGFX files and export them into a more common format like DAE (Models) and PNG (Textures).


EveryFileExplorer can view and convert CGFX data into more common formats like OBJ, DAE (Models), and PNG (Textures).

List of games using the format

The list is not complete! Feel free to add other games that are known to use aforementioned format.

All of the following games are for the Nintendo 3DS

Name Version Encrypted / Compressed?
Aero Porter ? No
Animal Crossing: New Leaf ? No
Coaster Creator 3D ? No
Face Raiders ? No
Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX ? No
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team ? Yes
Mario Kart 7 ? No
Mario Sports Superstars ? Yes
Mario Tennis Open ? Yes
New Super Mario Bros. 2 ? No
Paper Mario: Sticker Star ? Yes (BCREZ)
Photos with Mario ? Yes (SZS)
Race to the Line ? No
Rusty's Real Deal Baseball ? Yes (LZ)
Soccer Up Online ? No
Sonic Generations ? Yes (CPK & AMB)
Sonic Lost World ? Yes (CPK & AMB)
SoniPro ? No
Sparkle Snapshots 3D ? No
Super Mario 3D Land ? No
Touch Battle Tank 3D ? No

Every banner displayed on the HOME menu is stored uncompressed in the aforementioned format.