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Common Source Code Project are a series of emulators coded by Toshiya Takeda with help from Mr. Artane, Mr. tanam and others. Unlike most Japanese emulators, it has an open source and is English friendly. The closest English equivalent is MAME, in terms of the goal in terms of preservation, however, it is done in multiple binaries rather than one.

For various Japanese home computers, this is very valuable to use and in the case of a few are done despite no games are available online at all (such as the Pasiopia series). While the emulators lack many quality-of-life features and the only tool for sprite-ripping is screenshot capture, the emulators are simple to use.

Currently Supported Consoles and Computers

While the goal is to preserve all Japanese computers and some consoles, not every one uses proper sprite graphics, with some being electronical-based or only running in BASIC. The following machines are known to have games that can be properly ripped:

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