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This page explains the process of submitting a sheet to The Spriters Resource.

Before submitting

Before you submit your sheet you should see What Makes A Good Submission to make sure what you submit will be accepted, as well as the format for game icons. See What Makes A Good Submission/The Spriters Resource for information on how both your sheet and its icon should be.


If the game doesn't exist

If there is not already a page for the game you wish to submit to, you can add it yourself! To do this, go to any console page and click on "Add New Game":


You'll be brought to the Add Game page. Choose the console, put in the name of a game, upload or give a link to its icon, and select the genre that fits it best. Tags are currently not implemented, you can omit them for now.

Once you have added the game you will be brought directly to the Add Sheet page for the game.

If the game already exists

If the game does already exist, you can simply go to its page and click on "Add New Sheet":


This will bring you to the Add Sheet page for the game.

Adding a sheet

On the Add Sheet page enter the name of your sheet, upload or give a link to the sheet and its icon, and select a section. If more than one person is responsible for ripping the sheet you can include multiple submitter names in the Submitter(s) field, by separating them with commas. If the sheet contains NSFW content please check the box for that.

Once you are done click "Submit", or "Add Another" if you wish to submit another sheet.