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The Spriters Resource
How to submit to The Spriters Resource.

The Models Resource
How to submit to The Models Resource.

The Textures Resource
How to submit to The Textures Resource.

The Sounds Resource
How to submit to The Sounds Resource.


Before a submission is publicly viewable on the site, it must be approved by the staff. When you submit to any of the sites, your submission is added to the moderation queue, and the staff goes through these. When your submission is either approved or denied you will receive a PM, either telling you it was approved or explaining why it was denied. If it was approved it will be added to the site and other people can then view it.

If you want to you can disable approval PMs (this is handy if you submit many sheets and don't want to be notified about each one being approved). To do this, go to any of the resource sites (not the forum) while logged in and click "Edit" in the box in the top left of the page to go the the Edit Profile page. There is a checkbox called "Check to disable PM notification of accepted sheets and games" (this will disabled it for all of the sites). You cannot disabled denied PMs as these are to inform you why your submission was denied.

While waiting for your submission to be approved, please be patient. There are often hundreds of submissions to go through on any given site, and every member of staff doing it voluntarily; nobody is paid. They take free time out of their day to moderate submissions and how swiftly the queue gets moderated depends on how busy they are, among other factors.