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Developers: Type-Moon, Imageepoch
Publishers: Marvelous Entertainment, Aksys Games, Ghostlight
Platform: PlayStation Portable

Fate/Extra (original Japanese name — フェイト/エクストラ) is an RPG game that takes place in a parallel universe to the visual novel Fate/stay night. It was developed by Imageepoch and Type-Moon for PSP and released in 2010.

A companion game called Fate/Extra CCC was released in 2013.

File Formats

  • .Im - Model/Texture data
  • .PAK - Archive
  • .CPK - Main archive
  • .AT3 - Sound data

Ripping Tutorials

CPK extraction

The process is explained on the CPK page.

PAK extraction

The .PAK archives mostly contain models. In order to extract them you should use this QuickBMS script:

get FILES short
get UNKNOWN short

for f = 0 < FILES
  get TMP long
  putarray 0 f TMP
next f

padding 16

for f = 0 < FILES
  getdstring NAME 64
  savepos POS
  getarray SIZE 0 f


  math POS += SIZE
  goto POS
next f

Script created by WRS, taken from here

Just copy the code above to a Notepad and save it as .bms file.


In order to view .Im models you need this Noesis plugin created by chrrox.


One of the ways to convert the .AT3 is to use the at3tool. It was left by the developers in the sound\bgm\decode folder of Fate/Extra CCC main archive.

Use this to convert .AT3 to .WAV:

at3tool.exe -d input_file.at3 output_file.wav

Fate/Extra CCC

The only difference from Fate/Extra is that you need to decrypt the .CPK archive first. See the Archive decryption entry on the Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment page to learn more.

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