Elite Beat Agents

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Box Art

Elite Beat Agents

Developer: iNiS
Publishers: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS

Elite Beat Agents is a rhythm tapping game published by iNiS and Nintendo. It is a spiritual sequel to Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan starring an agency of men (Agents) and women (Divas) responding to the cries of over 15 individuals (plus 3 extra). Elements from Elite Beat Agents, including their 3D models, have been incorporated and improved upon in the Ouendan sequel, Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2.

File Formats

2D Images

  • NCLR (Palette)
  • NCGR (Tiles)
  • NCSR (Image Tiles)
  • NCER (Multiple Tiles)
  • NANR (Animation; rarely used)

2D Sprites

  • ntfp (Palette)
  • ntft (Tiles)


  • nsbmd (Models + Texture)
  • nsbca (Animation)

Sound and Music

  • SDat

Ripping Tutorial

See Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan for all four tutorials.


  • Make sure the ROM is NTSC (U) if you intend to rip sprites and models through Tinke or Console Tool. PAL ports have been reformatted with a new compression file [1OZL], that makes accessing palettes, tiles and maps virtually impossible regardless of how exact you follow the instructions lined out in the link above.
    • However, sound and music files can still be accessed and exported through Tinke.
  • If you come across files that look like they belong in the Ouendan game, don't assume they're unused or hidden data eluding to the Ouendan cast being playable. Because EBA was created using Ouendan's game engine, some of the files from the earlier game are carried over and left untouched, which can sometimes make separating them from the files difficult for first time viewers looking for a particular image to rip.
  • The models of each Agent and Diva have been moved to the folder "mdl" and is harder to identify without looking at the texture provided.
    • Unlike Ouendan, however, the supports that accompany the Agents (Morris and Derek) and Divas (Missy and Foxx) are in separate files rather than bunched together. This is most likely due to the updated Multiplayer which allows players to choose which character they want to play as rather than just picking a difficulty.
    • Also, unlike Ouendan, each stage has their own move set for the Agents/Divas, so their animation isn't shared by a single file.