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Submitting to the Resource sites can be tricky for some, but by following some basic steps, you can easily ensure that your submission will be approved.

What Is Not Acceptable

Your Own Character

Make sure that your submission is not a made up character. This only really applies to custom submissions, but it can also be if you've made a game and feel your content should be on the sites. It isn't your place to make that judgement, and in cases you like this, you'd be best off asking us first. We only accept content for media ripped from commercially released, or notably reputable released games. In terms of custom submissions, we only accept content surrounding things that appear within a game, or gaming related media (Such as Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons).

Stolen Content

We don't like thieves in real life, and we do not like them here. Please make sure that you actually ripped or made the content you're submitting, and didn't just simply find it on some other website and felt like you could just submit it and claim credit. We have a community in the hundreds of thousands, many of whom actively seek out stolen content. You will be caught, and you will be banned.

Game Icons

Game Icons use the same style across all sites. They are created by a 240px x 125px cropped screenshot from a game (not its cover art). The website itself inserts code surrounding the image to represent it in the form of a Game Icon.

Icon Example - Game.png

There are a few basic guidelines for creating a new Section Icon.

  • When creating a new section, double check across the other Resource sites. It's possible that the other sites have the game already, and thus a usable icon.
    • Simply copy the image URL or save the image, and use it with your submission. This helps make it easier to find the same game across the Resource sites.
  • Game icons must be in either .PNG or .GIF file format, and of high quality. They should represent the game that it is being submitted for. Don't resize a screenshot if you can help it - we love those crisp pixels.
  • Avoid using JPEG screenshots like you'd find on the web on a search engine. The JPEG format is a lower image quality as image artifacting can occur.
  • Don't use the game's title screen as the icon. The title will be automatically included in the final icon - and thus it would be redundant to do so. (See above)
  • Get creative! The Resource sites showcase gaming's best, almost like an art gallery. Frame your screenshot nicely.
  • If you can help it, we highly encourage using a 1 x 1 pixel ratio.
  • Similarly, if space allows, try to avoid the HUD or menu images in your screenshot.
  • Avoid game spoilers, such as a final boss or plot twist.
  • Give us some action - try to showcase gameplay or otherwise something that shows the game's genre in action. For example, a screenshot of 'Super Mario Bros. 3' should use Mario running through a stage, rather than standing on the map screen.
  • What makes this game unique - what sets it apart from other games? For example, Tails debuted in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. A good Sonic 2 icon should include him.
  • Vary screenshots within a series. Just because Mega Man shoots doesn't mean he has to be in the same shooting position in every icon.

To see our old game icons, check out our History page.

Site Specifics

The Spriters Resource
See what is required to make an acceptable submission on The Spriters Resource.

The Models Resource
See what is required to make an acceptable submission on The Models Resource.

The Textures Resource
See what is required to make an acceptable submission on The Textures Resource.

The Sounds Resource
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