Unlimited Saga

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Box Art

Unlimited Saga

Developer: Square Product Development Division 2
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: PlayStation 2

Unlimited Saga is an RPG, and part of the SaGa series. The game was well received in Japan, but largely criticized overseas.

Ripping Tutorials

Due to the way in which Square Enix compress a number of their PlayStation 2 games, the file contents on the game's DVD cannot be read. As such, the only method of ripping from the game is by exploring an ISO file of the disc itself, and not using any standard file viewers (such as Windows Explorer, or an ISO reader).

Image Extraction

Using TextER on an ISO of the game, it's possible to dump a large number of the game's sprites, textures and menu graphics. These files are stored in .TM2 (TIM2) format, and can be converted using most standard TIM2 converting applications. See the TIM2 page for more details.

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