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Tile Molester is a sprite ripper made by SnowBro. If you want to rip games before the DS era, it is highly recommended. It requires Java to run though.


TODO: Tutorial.

Please note that many games have compression and as a result, these can not be ripped unless the game has a decompression tool. In terms of success depends on the system and the game. While most NES games have all their sprites displayed, some games on some systems vary as in that you can rip the main character or a few sprites, everything if you are lucky while others can not be ripped at all. Some like on the Genesis can be stored in an unrippable way.

Supported Systems

  • Amstrad CPC - 1bpp planar however only the BIOS font can be ripped from this system because the games have another way of displaying the sprites.
  • Game Boy
  • Game Boy Advance - 4bpp linear, reversed order
  • Master System / Game Gear - 4bpp planar however some games are compressed. A few games such as James Bond 007: The Duel uses 3bpp linear instead. It can also rip System E arcade games.
  • MSX - Only some games.
  • Neo Geo Pocket - 2bpp linear but requires extra assembly work on the sprites.
  • Nintendo 64 - Do not expect much since most of the games on the console are 3D and would use textures.
  • Nintendo DS - While Tile Molester can rip some games, it is recommended to use other tools.
  • Nintendo Entertainment System - 2bpp composite
  • Sega Genesis - 4bpp linear however many games are compressed or stored in an unrippable way.
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Wonderswan
  • X68000 - 4bpp linear however a lot of games are compressed.
  • ZX Spectrum - Requires either 1bpp or 2bpp planar depending on the game. Use either 2-Dimentional for sprites larger than 8x8, or 1-Dimensional for fonts or tile-based sprites.

Tile Molester can also rip from savestates as well.