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List content found on the sites below that needs replacement or improving.

3DS > Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butouden

Support Characters (DLC) - Sheet is missing the "Time Machine" and "See-Through the Invisible Man".

Arcade > Haunted Castle


Frankenstein's Monster - The sheet even states that the death animation is not present.

Arcade > Point Blank


Dr Don and Dr Dan - There are a few broken sprites to fix and missing sprites that are mentioned on the sheet to rip. Preferably the sheet should be completely re-ripped.

Arcade > The Simpsons

Homer Simpson - The sheet has an inconsistent palette. This was due to that some sprites were captured while others were tile ripped so it might have to be checked.

Arcade > Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo

Gems - The sheet only has the gems in the red palette, there are green, blue, and yellow gems also present in the game. It doesn't necessarily require a rerip but rather an addition of these colors in some way.

Felicia - Felicia's sprite sheet has nowhere near as many sprites as the other characters, which is lead to believe that it is vastly incomplete.

Arcade > Marvel Vs. Capcom


Every fighter excluding Spider-Man is missing a lot of frames. They are small enough to just be reripped entirely.


Character Select Portraits - Ryu is missing his "Akuma" and "Ken" mode palettes.

CDI > Link: The Faces of Evil

Link - Many of Link's frames are missing, mainly the mid air ones.

DS > Super Mario 64 DS

Bob-omb Squad Hide & Boo Seek Lakitu Launch Mario's Slides White background bleeding into white on sprites.

DS > Sonic Rush

Introduction - The Sega and Sonic Team logos were badly edited and not represent how they appear in the ROM. Only contains Japanese text. The sheet was an early emulator rip and needs to be redone using modern tools.

Game Boy Advance > Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories


Battle Extras - Sheet is completely unorganized, the background is the same color white used in game, and the face portrait for Riku is not present in sheet. Sheet needs to be completely re-ripped.

Game Boy Advance > The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer

Playable Characters

Frozone - Sheet needs to be reripped entirely, parts of his face on some frames were cut off.

Game Boy Advance > Mario Tennis: Power Tour

Playable Characters

Donkey Kong - White background on sheet, possibility it collides with DK's palette.

Game Boy Advance > Street Fighter Alpha 3


Character Menu - Missing the portraits for Maki, Eagle, Ingrid, and Yun, who are unlockable characters.

Game Boy Advance > Sonic Battle


Shadow The Hedgehog - Sheet is missing a huge amount of sprites, unsurprising as it is almost 15 years old.

Genesis > Awesome Possum Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt

Awesome Possum - The mouth sprites are on a different layer, the mouth should be separated.

Genesis > Rocket Knight Adventures

Stage Titles - Missing star animations, orb animations/palettes, the text and Sparkster pose from Stage 7 and the band from the Japanese version of the game. The Sparkster sprites are also on a different layer compared to the background and the sheet has these mixed in. These would have to be re-ripped since these were captured.

Genesis > Taz-Mania

Taz - The eating and holding sprites are on a different layer, the head and the arms should be separated.

Genesis > Taz in Escape from Mars

Taz - The eating sprites are on a different layer, the head and the arms should be separated.

Pico > Sonic's Gameworld

Characters and Minigames - Many sprites from the Japanese version are missing, this includes Sonic vs. Robotnik/Eggman. This was due to that the Japanese version was undumped at the time of ripping and there were leftovers in the US version.

Pico > Tails and the Music Maker

Tails - Which of the two rips are the most complete?

Misc - The Music Maker sprites need checking, also it is missing the prototype Sonic sprites.

Playstation > Sonic Wings Special

The bosses don't need to be reripped, but some of them, like Balbi, has the wrong palettes, same goes for Sturm Waffle G and Manbou. Speaking of palettes, nearly all of them are missing they're alternative stage palettes, the ones that you beat after you completed the game the first time. Le Ostro doesb't have it's complete animation for the debris that's destroyed in the first phase, Norvy Novgorod is missing the water effect too.

Sega Master System > Battlemaniacs

Besides Pimple, all of the current sheets were incorrectly ripped and or not completed.

SNES > Darius Force

Spiral Snail - The shell attack is missing it's openings, also, the blue effect in the middle shouldn't be in there because that belongs to the blue silver hawk's attack effect.

SNES > Super Street Fighter II


Portraits - The background causes some of the sprites to be affected that use the same color such as E.Honda's eyes and teeth, T. Hawk's eyes, Dee Jay's eyes and teeth as well as one pose of Fei-Long. Needs re-ripping.

SNES > Super Metroid

Most of the entire game needs re-ripping or sorting out however these are the sheets that are known to have problems.

Enemies and Bosses

Crocomire - Missing sprites such as the skeleton and the legs may need a re-rip too.

Fake Kraid - Contains more edited sprites than sprites that were featured in the game. May have to move to Custom/Edits section.

Ridley - Contains irrelevant sprites on the sheet. Also check to see if the face and the body are separate sprites, may have to be completely re-ripped if that is the case.

Metroid - Uses a white background and contains sprites that are also used in the Last Metroid and the Metroid Larva rips. Apparently it is also two different kinds of enemies.

Torizo - Missing sprites.


Misc Sprites - This sheet needs to be sorted as it has been ripped from various places in the game such as doors, menus and the HUD without being clear where they go. The ripper even admitted that some of the sprites were guessed.