Sammy's Science House

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Sammy's Science House

Developer: Theatrix Interactive
Publisher: Edmark

Early Learning House is a collection of four main educational video games and two compilations for the Windows and Macintosh platforms, developed by Theatrix Interactive, Inc. and published by Edmark software. Each different game focuses on a particular major learning category with selectable skill settings for preschooler, kindergarten and elementary learners. Millie's Math House (1992) on mathematics, Bailey's Book House (1993) on language, Sammy's Science House (1994) on science, and Trudy's Time and Place House (1995) on history and geography. A spin-off, Stanley's Sticker Stories (1996), sees players create animated storybooks with the series' characters.


Aluigi's Edmark script works on this game, and likely on the other games in the series. Using the script on the game's resource files, SAMMY_.RES, results in folders containing various data, such as sounds (SND), palettes (PAL), and sprites (SPR).

SAMMY0 contains the intro, SAMMY2 contains "let's make a movie", SAMMY3 contains the workshop, SAMMY4 contains the sorting station, SAMMY5 contains the weather game, and SAMMY6 contains Acorn Pond.

Sprite Ripping

  1. Use the BMS script to extract a .RES file.
  2. Open a file in the SPR folder in TiledGGD. Set the format to 8 Bits per Pixel, big endian, linear.
  3. Open a palette file in the PAL folder. Set the format to 3 Bytes per Color, GBR color order, big endian, linear.
  4. Skip the image data to offset 0xC to remove the header. There may still be some extra garbage showing on the side of the image.