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Purpose of Utilizing The Revision System

The revision system is an important part of the site's submission system. To clarify firstly: Regular site users are not able to edit games in Console sections! If you happen to mis-spell a game name and a staff member does not catch it, please PM any site-staff member so that it can be taken care of. The revision system is solely utilized to edit an existing submission for the following reasons:

  1. The current submission is missing elements, or needs to be updated with new elements (i.e. new voice line sounds).
  2. A user has a higher quality submission than the one that's on the site.
  3. Any other valid reason that does not pertain to adding new content to the sites.

How to Submit A Revision

Edit The Revision

In order to submit a revision to the site's system, navigate to the submission's page and click the little pencil icon on the top right of the submission's information box, found here:


Filling out the Revision Form

Wow! There's some information we have to fill out on this page. See the picture of the form below and the corresponding numbers on how to fill out each portion of the form:

Revision main.png
  1. Game: This normally won't change... as you're submitting a revision for an existing submission approved under a certain game.
  2. Sheet Name: Need to change the name of a sheet? Spelling issue? This field is the spot you fix it.
  3. Sheet: Select the "Choose File" to upload the replacement/revision submission you're providing. Please do not mistake your revision for the submission that is already on the site, as this defeats the purpose of submitting a revision.
  4. Icon: This is the spot where you can update the current submission's icon (148x125 png/gif) if you feel it is necessary. This changes across only two-sites, as The Sounds Resource utilizes no submission icons, while The Models Resource utilizes an additional "Big Icon" (750x650 png/gif).
  5. Section: If you feel that the submission on the site should be moved to a new section, this is the spot where you can update it. Use the drop-down to select a different section to move-it to. If none of the sections fit for the submission, simply select the "New Section:" button and type a new section name.
  6. Submitter(s) Field:``` This shows the people who are credited with providing the current submission at hand. This field should not be changed unless you intend on making a significant change to the sheet. For common-courtesy purposes, if this is the case, please add yourself as an additional contributor while keeping the original submitter's name attached.
  7. Reason Box: This is the most useful box for the staff members. This is the space that you explain why you feel it is necessary to revise a submission, and your changes that you have made. Ignoring this box/Not providing enough information about the revision makes it harder for the staff members to accept/reject your pending revision. Please make sure to provide all necessary details surrounding your revisions, or they may not be approved.