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Here you can find a collection of QuickBMS scripts that have been written by members of the VG Resource community.

Game Name Console File Type Creator Download
Deathsmiles Windows bin Pingu! Download
Gizmondo Games Gizmondo cfl Pingu! Download
Democracy 3 Windows pak ThatTrueStruggle Download
Folklore PlayStation 3 SGD ThatTrueStruggle Download
Kamen Rider: Super Climax Heroes PSP acx (audio container) Pingu! Download
Love Live! School Idol Paradise PlayStation Vita fpac Ziella Download
Maid Paradise Mezase! Maid Number One! PlayStation Portable psp Ziella Download
Ratatouille Playstation 2 sps Pingu! Download
Senran Kagura Burst Nintendo 3DS bin Pingu! Download
Snakes 3D DOS dat Pingu! Download
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Nintendo Wii U bars Pingu! Download
WWE All-Stars Nintendo 3DS wad Pingu! Download