Ninjabread Man

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Ninjabread Man

Developer: Data Design Interactive
Publishers: Data Design Interactive, Metro3D Europe
Platforms:PlayStation 2, Wii, Windows

Ninjabread Man is a platform video game by developer and publisher Data Design Interactive. Upon release, Ninjabread Man received universally negative reviews from critics due its camera system, graphics, lack of story, short length and controls; the Wii version received even lower reviews for it's use of motion controls, and is often considered one of the worst games of all-time.


Knuxfan24 wrote incomplete code reverse engineering the game's .WAD archives:

He ended up using a much hackier method to rip the stage models.

It was a very clunky process, I found that Game Extractor could pull stuff from the WAD, then Hyper wrote something for me that would inject the model data from a Ninjabread Man DFF into a GTA III one.
Then I could use the GTA tools to import that into Max.
It was a mess.