Lost in Blue

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Lost in Blue

Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Nintendo DS

Lost in Blue is a sandbox style video game for the Nintendo DS handheld system, and is a continuation of Konami's Survival Kids series. Lost in Blue follows two young teenagers, Keith and Skye, who struggle for survival on a deserted island. The player must learn to use the island's natural resources to create a makeshift home away from home. The sequel, Lost in Blue 2, was released two years later. A third installment of the series, Lost in Blue 3, was released on December 20, 2007 in Japan.

File Formats

  • .lbt (Text files)
  • .NANR, .NCER, .NCLR... (Image formats common in DS games)
  • .bin (Archive)


The .N_ files can be viewed and extracted in Tinke.

Some of the image files are in the root of the rom, but most are in the large all2d.bin archive. It's uncompressed, and consists of the common DS formats.

User Fluttershy on the VGR Discord extracted the archive, resulting in many files named after their offsets. Their comment: the top of the bin was just {offset} {size} {offset} {size} etc, until offset was 0.

Download them here. These files can also be viewed in Tinke.