Kaneko Super Nova System

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The Kaneko Super Nova System is a 32-bit arcade board developed by Kaneko in 1996 and ended in 2002. It used cartridges on the arcade board like the Neo Geo.

Ripping Tools

The Super Nova system has an awkward graphic technique that makes it almost impossible to rip through. The sprites uses a flag and pixel data. You'll need to download Python, NumPy, and Pillow to decompress the sprites. There are two method to rip the sprites from these games. Note that Gals Panic 3 and the two Jackie Chan games uses the same sprites as the Super Nova System.

Option One: Decompress to TiledGGD

If you want the sprites to show up correctly, you'll need to use Python and download TiledGGD. Copy the script from the forums and paste it into a new script. Then you'll need to add your file of the exact same name. Hit the run module, and it should decompress the graphics. Open the graphics up in TIledGGD, and there you go!

List Of Games

Game Name Linear? 16x16?
Cyvern: The Dragon Weapons Yes No
Gals Panic 3 Yes No
Gals Panic 4 No Yes
Gals Panic S No Yes
Gals Panic S2 Yes No
Gals Panic S3 Yes No
Guts'n Yes No
Jackie Chan In Fists Of Fire No Yes
Jackie Chan: The Kung Fu Master No Yes
Panic Street Yes No
Puzz Loop Yes No
Sen-Know Yes No
Sengeki Striker Yes No
Vs. Block Breaker No Yes

Special Thanks

Akaiji for the scripts for the sprites.