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KCL is a common collision format that has been used by multiple games on different console since Mario Kart DS.

Useful Tools

  • Switch Toolbox - A toolbox that can tackle Nintendo Switch and Wii U file formats, especially KCL.
  • EveryFileExplorer - A toolbox that can tackle KCL files for the Nintendo 3DS. Some builds have a Nintendo Wii U plugin included.

List of games using the format

Game Platform Values
ARMS Nintendo Switch
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Nintendo Wii U / Switch
Mario Kart 7 Nintendo 3DS
Mario Kart 8 / Deluxe Nintendo Wii U / Switch Here
Mario Kart DS Nintendo DS
Mario Kart Wii Nintendo Wii
Splatoon Nintendo Wii U
Splatoon 2 Nintendo Switch
Super Mario 3D Land Nintendo 3DS
Super Mario 3D World Nintendo Wii U
Super Mario 64 DS Nintendo DS
Super Mario Galaxy Nintendo Wii
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Nintendo Wii
Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch