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Bemani is a series of Music Arcade Games created by Konami.

The series of games all features music made for the games, as well as some crossovers songs. They also have their own unique controller and play-style per game. The games generally run off a very bare bones version of Windows XP, so you can easily view the files on any PC based computer.

Ripping Tools

IFS Explorer

To unpack the files and access the actual content of the game, it's advisable to use a program called Bemani IFS Explorer. Once opened, select the IFS file you want to extract things from. From there, you click on an item on the side, then at the top you change the settings to make the image clear.

Common File Formats


A common file for the Bemani series. Used to hold stationary game graphics.


A common disc file format. These usually hold miscellaneous files for the games, but also sometimes hold the graphics depending on the game.


A common audio file format used by the games.


A common video format.

Suggested Emulators

A Windows Based Computer

While most of the games do normally run in a very basic barebones of Windows XP, many people have had success getting the games to run in Windows 7 as well as Windows 8. If you are just ripping the games, then any version of windows should do. If you are trying to play the games, the specs vary between games and even across releases of each game series sometimes, so no one PC will give you an ideal experience on every Bemani game, but every single one of them uses very low-end hardware.

Games in the Series

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