Candy Land

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Box Art

Candy Land

Developer: ImageBuilder
Publisher: Hasbro Interactive

Candy Land is a simulation game developed by ImageBuilder Software, Inc. and published by Hasbro Interactive, Inc. in 1998.

File Formats


Images are contained in .MMP archives. These archives are documented here, here and here. It is recommended to extract them with Aluigi's Millionaire3 script.

Extraction should result in a series of named files, most or all with the .PICT extension. Open them in TiledGGD to take a look.

These .PICT files will come in several different variations:

  • Uncompressed: Images that come in uncompressed, 32 bits/pixel ARGB format. You can convert them into PNG with this Python script by Racoon Sam (which has comments added by myself).
  • Transparency Compressed: Images with a "swirled" appearance, despite having recognizable aspects. Their compression is a type of transparency-only compression. You can convert them into PNG with this Python script, also by Raccoon Sam.
  • Compressed: Format notes.
  • "Gray" Uncompressed: 8 bits/pixel with a 4 bytes/color RGB header.

View a visual example of all of these formats here.


Sounds are .AIF files contained in .MMS archives, which are documented here. They can be extracted with the Millionaire3 script.

These .AIF files are not your "standard" .AIF files. Their format is unknown, but if you import them as raw data into Audacity as mono, 8-bit signed integer PCM at 22050 Hz they sound recognizable. Possibly more documentation.


.MMF files contain a single .flm file. Curiously, they are not true FMVs/videos like you would expect. Instead, they are a container format for image files and likely sound files as well. Some of the image files are uncompressed and some are transparency compressed. It is not yet possible to extract them individually.

Games Using Similar Formats

Filesystem Guide

  • CandyBHP.MMP = Images from Gramma Nutt's activities.
  • CandyCCP.MMP = Images from the game's finale.
  • CandyGMP.MMP = Images from Jolly's activities.
  • CandyHKP.MMP = Ambient effects, ending and credits.
  • CandyICP.MMP = Images from Queen Frostine's activities.
  • CandyLCP.MMP = Images from Lord Licorice's activities.
  • CandyLWP.MMP = Images from Princess Lolly's activities.
  • CandyMSP.MMP = Images from Gloppy's activities.
  • CandyPc2.MMP = Still images of the game board.
  • CandyPFP.MMP = Images from Mr. Mint's activities.
  • CandyPTP.MMP = Images from Plumpy's activities.