Corvette Evolution GT (DS)

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Corvette Evolution GT

Developer: Firebrand Games
Publishers: Valcon Games (US), Black Bean (EU)
Platform: Nintendo DS

Corvette Evolution GT is a racing game that was developed by Firebrand Games under the alias of Island Racing Studios and published by Valcon Games in the US and Black Bean in Europe. It was first released on Nintendo DS on January 15, 2008. It is also known as Evolution GT.

File Formats

2D Images

  • .NCLR (Palette)
  • .NCGR (Tiles)
  • .NCER (Multiple Tiles)
  • .NANR (Animation)
  • .nsc (Map)
  • download.char (Icon)
  • download.plt (Icon Palette)


  • .nsbmd (Models + Texture)
  • .nsbca (Animation)
  • .nsbta

Sound and Music

  • .sdat


  • .dcsc (Scenes)
  • .hzc
  • .pvs

Ripping Tools


  • has to be extracted in Tinkle before most graphics and files can be viewed. The exception are sound and game icon.
  • As mentioned in the description, the logo for Island Racing Studios uses the filenames of firebrand.NCLR, firebrand.NCGR and firebrand.nsc.