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The Nintendo Entertainment System (often abbreviated as the NES, also known as the Family Computer or the Famicom in Japan) is an 8-bit home console manufactured by Nintendo. It was launched in 1983 in Japan and 1985 in the US. The NES and counting the various Famiclones such as the Dendy, Pegasus or the Micro Genius in areas where the NES or the Famicom were not sold is considered one of the most recognizable consoles in the world, for many their first console to play games. Nearly everywhere though because in the UK it was a flop thanks to a different gaming market. In Japan it along with the MSX started a video game industry and was the first console there not to be discontinued quickly and in the US, it contributed reviving interests in video games after the North American Video Game Crash.

Suggested Emulators


Mesen is a modern emulator that focuses on accuracy, even options to emulate the faults or the variations of the NES but still very easy to use. It can emulate most of the library apart from one mapper that was used in 6 games including Somari and Kart Fighter. For sprite ripping, it includes a tile viewer that you can look at all the sprites of a game (known as the CHR Viewer), sprite viewer, palette viewer and a background viewer (known as the Nametable viewer). It can record videos and audio, has Net Play, it can even run HD packs in the emulator.