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Interested in Sprite ripping.

Kaneko Ripping Project Status

This list is not complete!

Game Status
1000 Miglia WIP
Air Buster (AC) Completed
Air Buster (MD) WIP
Air Buster (PCE) Completed
Air Buster (Sharp X68000) Undumped
B.Rap Boys / Special WIP
Berlin No Kabe (GG) WIP
Blood Warrior WIP
Boggy '84 (AC) Completed
Boggy '84 (MSX) Completed
Bonk's Adventure Arcade WIP
Chester Cheetah: Too Cool To Fool (MD) WIP
Chester Cheetah: Tool Cool To Fool (SNES) WIP
Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest (SNES/MD) WIP
Cyvern: The Dragon Weapons WIP
Dr. Toppel's Adventure Completed
Explosive Breaker WIP
Fido Dido (MD) WIP
Fido Dido (SNES) Undumped
Fly Boy Completed
Gals Panic WIP
Gals Panic 3 Completed
Gals Panic 4 WIP
Gals Panic II WIP
Gals Panic S WIP
Gals Panic S2 WIP
Gals Panic S3 WIP
Gals Panic SS WIP
Go Go Mr. Yamaguchi Completed
Guts'n WIP
Heavy Unit (AC) Completed
Heavy Unit: MD Special WIP
Heavy Unit (PCE) Completed
Jackie Chan In Fists Of Fire / The Kung Fu Master WIP
Jump Coaster (AC) Completed
Jump Coaster (MSX) Completed
Jump Kun Completed
Lady Master Of Kung Fu Completed
Kabuki Z (AC) WIP
Kageki (AC) WIP
Kageki (MD) WIP
Magical Crystals WIP
Mille Miglia 2 WIP
Nexzr WIP
Pack'n Bang Bang WIP
Peetan (GB) Completed
Power Moves (MD) WIP
Power Moves (SNES) WIP
Prebillian WIP
Puzz Loop WIP
Red Clash WIP
Same! Same! Same! (Sharp X68000) Undumped
Samurai Nihon-Ichhi Completed
Sengeki Striker WIP
Shogun Warriors WIP
Silhouette Stories WIP
Socks The Cat (SNES) WIP
Speed Dive Undumped
Star Parodier WIP
Super Qix WIP
Super Star Soldier WIP
Tatsujin (Sharp X68000) Undumped
The Berlin Wall WIP
Vs. Block Breaker WIP
Vs. Gong Fight WIP
Vs. Hot Smash WIP
Wani Wani World WIP
Yuta P Man Undumped
Zen-Nihon GT Senshuken (SNES) WIP
Zen-Nihon GT Senshuken Kai WIP
Zen-Nihon GT Senshuken Max Rev. WIP