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The VG Resource began its life in the form of The Spriters Resource.

The Spriters Resource


Ninsprites was founded by Mark Brown, then known as Bacon, who ran the site from June 2003 - January 2005.

Renaming into The Spriters Resource

Wanting to expand beyond only Nintendo, Ninsprites was rechristened "The Spriters Resource" and began accepting sprites from all platforms.

Badassbill Handover

Shane Gill, also known as Badassbill, ran the site from January 2005, to March 2006 after Mark Brown moved on to focus on other projects.

Dazz Handover

Daniel Brown, also known as Dazz from his own sprite-hosting site, Deek & Dazz, inherited the site in March 2006.



Pixeltendo was the name of the forum associated with The Spriters Resource, and was owned by Jordan. Eventually, Dazz decided to split The Spriters Resource away from the Pixeltendo forum due to the negative reputation the forum had received as being unwelcoming. Dazz created The Spriters Resource Community, later renamed to The VG Resource Community. Eventually, Jordan stopped hosting Pixeltendo due to a lack of new members and the forum closed.

The Spriters Resource Community

In 2008, The Spriters Resource finally created its own forum and no longer used Pixeltendo.


After the death of N-finity, webmaster of The Shyguy Kingdom, The Spriters Resource offered to rehost TSGK's sprite rips. Shortly after, the network added four more sites: The Models Resource, The Textures Resource, The Sounds Resource, and The VG Resource (which at the time was meant to be a news/review based article site).

The VG Resource

The VG Resource started its life as a videogame news/review site, but due to a lack of writers and Dazz's schedule being filled with the other resource sites, that didn't pan out. The purpose of the site was changed and "The VG Resource" instead became the name of the network of sites hosting The Spriters Resource, The Models Resource, The Textures Resource, and The Sounds Resource. The Spriters Resource Community was renamed and reskinned with a VG Resource skin, and the VG Resource domain itself was applied to the new network-wide forum.

Icon Renovation Project 2014

The four resource sites received new layouts and icons. The forum was archived and reset to go along with this new phase of the site.

The old icons used on the site used to be solid images with the title text embedded within the image itself. The new icons are dynamically controlled through CSS which allows easy changes to any icon by simply editing the associated text or image.

The VG Resource Wiki

The VG Resource Wiki (the one you're reading right now!) was also created in 2014.