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The Sega Dreamcast is a console created by Sega in 1998. It was Sega's last game system before they became a third-party publisher.

Ripping Tools


Main article: Noesis

This program can be used to rip the standard Dreamcast texture format (read below), or to rip Sonic Shuffle, Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage or Space Channel 5 models. It also has support for Skies of Arcadia's model format, although you need a .gdi dump of said game in order for the model files to be recognized.

Common File Formats

Most Dreamcast games tend to use different files for each game, although some games use the same file formats. Here are a few that have cropped up in multiple games:

  • .afs (Sound)
  • .osb (Sound)
  • .pvm (Texture/Sprite)

Recommended Emulators


So far the Dreamcast emulator with best compatibility, it will play most games faithfully. It is still a WIP, so some issues may happen.

Specific Game Pages