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Non-Playable Characters

Name Location Ripped?
Cappy Yes
Princess Peach Yes
Pauline Yes
Luigi Yes
Luigi (Unused) Yes
Tiara Yes
Yoshi Yes
Talkatoo Yes
Uncle amiibo Yes
Toadette Yes
Glydon Yes
Hint Toad No
Captain Toad No
Toads No
Jaxi No
Tostarenans No
Steam Gardners No
New Donkers No
Shiverians No
Bubblainians No
Koopa Troopa No
Roving Racers No
Goombette ObjectData/KuriboGirl.szs No
Moe-Eyes No
Lakitu No
Dorrie No
Rabbit No
Sphynx No
Bonneters Yes
Lochladies Yes
Volbonans Yes
Poochy Yes


Name Location Ripped?
Bowser Yes
Lord of Lightning ObjectData/BossRaid.szs Yes
Madame Broode No
Knucklotec No
Torkdrift No
Mechawiggler No
Mollusque-Lanceur No
Cookatiel No
RoboBrood No
Topper No
Hariet No
Spewart No
Rango No